Welcome to our post marathon blog

Jane, Ian, Brian and Theresa have completed (well all accept Ian who did not start due to injury) the Palma Marathon. All survived and are still running. This is our continuing thoughts. Milly has now started her own blog.

Friday, 29 October 2010


Some pictures from the Dunbar Running Club Palma Marathon contingent can be found on Flickr either HERE or in the embedded slide show below.

There is a bit of amiable tomfoolery going in a few snaps, partly due to the Dunbar RC silly vest competition, and partly because, err the male subjects are, well, just fools (according to the girls anyway).

Anyway, the poses could have been so much worse. Just disappointing that the girls did not enter the spirit of the competition. Still, the boys had the last laugh, Stelios from Easyjet has just been off the phone about a lucrative contract to commission Ian as the new face of Easyjet - the epitome of efficiency, speed, guile and economy...........

Saturday, 23 October 2010

to the support crew....

Theresa here - its been a long while since I've written a blog so in my usual blethering style this one is a bit of a long one. Well guess I'd better give my take on the marathon - the short summary is - "it was hard"

We had headed in to pick up all our info from the expo tents as soon as we arrived in Palma - having had lunch next to the finish line. Things began to feel a bit more real for us all. At this point Ian, Jane, Brian and I were all expecting to run. The next day Ian got up and his spine resembled the leaning tower of Pisa more than a normal upright posture. With spending the day getting advice from Osteopaths in the UK, Jane/Brian and I all trying to pop the pelvis back into place and trying to find an open osteopath/chiropractor in Palma Ian resigned himself to chief support rather than running. He managed to be very supportive and not to show his gutted-ness - I'm not sure I'd have managed to do so well with this if it had been me.

The run itself started at 9am, and already it was warm with the sun shining and threatening to get hotter. We'd worked out our ideal km paces to get the times we were hoping for, and my aim was somewhere between 6.10 and 6.20 per km. The first 10km round the harbour area was too fast but not hugely so at 1.00 rather than 1.02. Then I mentally began to doubt myself as we headed into the town 10km. There had been a few sharp turns and running back on yourself in the first 10km, and through the town it felt a bit up and down hills trying to make up the distance. Jane loved this bit, I didn't. I was drinking tonnes, really thirsty and struggling with the heat and the thought of having to run for another 3 hours was not going down well with myself.

After the town 10km the half marathoners split to the finish, with the marathoners then splitting off for a half marathon loop. I really wanted to stop. I mean really. Without Ian shouting at me to keep going, and the thoughts that I couldn't pull out (a DNF is apparently much worse than a DNS) and really there was nothing wrong with me except my brain. I passed David and Jane B and told them I wanted to stop but kept going. I'd made a deal with myself - once I ran a km in over 7 mins I could pull out and walk back. I didn't ever run one this slow, although a couple of times when walking I broke the 7 min barrier. (Yes I know, walking. Tut tut, but worked out that in the whole this totalled less than 4 mins) I put my ipod shuffle on at the halfway point, and to be honest I think the music got me round. I knew that each km was less than 2 songs, so the kms just kept passing on by. It was a brill investment, and great idea for anyone who battles those internal demons when running a marathon.

My favourite section was the last 12km along the sea front. Great support helped with people shouting your name and words of encouragement (mostly in Spanish, German or English!). There was a short section here along some boardwalk planking that was a wee bit rotten, so interesting with tired legs. The views and nice pathway really helped me on the final section, and knowing that every step you took was getting you back closer to the finish. On the last km Jane B, David, Ian, Jane and Brian were all shouting me on - this was fantastic and a real boost to the end. The benefit of being last in the group to finish = more people you know to cheer you on!!!

So I didn't quite make the goal time, but to be honest by halfway I think finishing was the only goal I had and 5 hours sounded alright to me! I did 4.38 which is nearly 6 mins faster than the last marathon so have to be pleased with that. Legs were in agony afterwards, and I decided I wasn't an endurance athlete..... although I was a day quicker than Jane is saying maybe I'd do another....one day

So a bit of a mixed one for me - all about the fact that I wasn't mentally ready at the time I think and needed to get my head in a positive zone more. Although know now that I can do it even if brain is saying I can't so think that's positive....

The race itself had some great touches - your name was printed on your race number so everyone could cheer you on which was brill. As soon as you handed your race chip in they printed a certificate out with your time, and your 10km, halfway, 0-30km and second half times on it. We had paid for medal engraving so immediately got our names and times printed on our medals also. And I loved having the distances in kms. Mentally easier ticking these off, and once you got to 30km you knew you would make it but this is actually only 18 miles which is normally the hard part in a marathon when marked in miles.

A good one to do if you like running in the sun! now onto the diet after all our post race recovery eating and drinking.....

Ya he terminado!

Congratulations to Theresa & JaneT for 2 cracking PBs and commiserations to Mr Sills for his last-minute forced withdrawal. So our 'team' was down to 3 sadly, but Ian put a very brave face on, and ably assisted by David and JaneB, provided brilliant support around a very scenic course.

Conditions were ideal, with a light breeze, overcast sky and rain later. Temps hovered around 17 which was very fortunate. I pushed along for the first 15 or so miles at a surprisingly consistent pace, all around 7.40 - 7.50 minute miles or thereabouts. My hamstring then started to ache about mile 16, which reduced my pace to about 8.15, it then deteriorated further in the last 4 miles to about 8.30 -8.40. Annoyingly, the Garmin measured the course at 26.49 miles, almost a third of a mile longer than I had expected, but was 'happy' with 3 hours 31 mins. My first marathon experience was a positive one, and i'd definitely like to tackle another one at the right time. The whole race was superbly organised and was a fantastic atmosphere - one to recommend.

Post race R&R was pretty damn good, too much food and drink to be honest but very enjoyable. I managed 3 recovery runs for the 3 consecutive days that followed, thinking this might help and my legs felt ok for that.


Friday, 22 October 2010


Jane here
Well I did it. 4.25. Very pleased. Would have liked to have been a bit quicker and if my leg had been better think I could have been. Fantastic route. First half along the harbour and through the old town, fantastic and lots of support from Ian. Then out out out from Palma way past the airport and through some very dodgy towns for what seemed miles before turning back and heading towards Palma cathedral. 25 to 35 k seemed like torture. Leg really sore at about 35k but the thought of Ian not being able to run spurred me on and picked up pace again for the last 5k. Great to see Ian, David and Jane near the finish. Fantastic event but was so glad to finish. Day after swore would never do another marathon. By the end of the week, talking about Edinburgh...... Jxx

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

last blog

Jane here:
Think the powers that be do not want me to run. Walking Milly at John Muir yesterday with a friend and her dog and both dogs ran flat out into the back of my legs, knocking me flat on my back! Now have a very sore head and neck to go with the sore leg.................................
This is the last blog before the marathon. We go tomorrow, are all excited, who will run, who will finish? watch this space.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Life with "her" not running by Milly

Life is fab without her running. Went to Berwick today becaus he was doing a 10K trail race. She couldn't do it because of her bloody leg. AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT THE BLOODY LEG. So. I got an hour of playing on the beach instead of being stuck in the car waiting for them both to finish and then getting a pathetic 10 mins run. Played with lots of dogs. Didn't get into any fights, went in the sea, played with sticks. Was totally great. Hopefully her leg will not get better.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Reality kicks in

Against better judgement from the other half at home decided to try a longer run this afternoon. Theresa and I did a 10 mile route along the Pencaitland Railway Line. Had forgotton to take anti inflammatories yesterday so leg a little uncomfortable, which is starting to suggest to me that it is more soft tissue than a bone issue. Anyway ran for about 4 miles and felt ok, started to feel a bit uncomfortable so walked a bit then turned around so probably did just short of 8 miles. Felt ok for the last four. It now hurts like hell. I think the sensible thing is not to run in Palma. Am definately not running until we get there but so want to do it after all the training. Am very very fed up. and it hurts.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Chirpier Janie

Rubbish day @ work, needed glass of wine to recover. Am going to run tomorrow. Watch this space.....

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fed up Janie

Did a cycle this afternoon, feels so easy after running!!! Amazing how far you can go in such a short time!!!! Leg, disappointingly is aching tonight, so am feeling a tad fed up. May need to postpone Thursday's run to the weekend. Was feeling so good yesterday. Am starting to get v. fed up. Running in Palma is not looking like its going to happen. Also what rubbish is on the TV never realised how bad it was when my evenings were taken up by running! It has come to watching a re-run of Rosemary and Thyme. Things are desperate!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Jane here:
Well after a week of rest my leg feels alot better. The GP put me on some anti inflamatories in case it was soft tissue damage and they have definately helped. Still awaiting X-ray results. Went for a cycle yesterday and felt fine no niggles and a dog walk tonight. Can now run on the spot with no pain and no pain going up and down stairs. Am planning to cycle tomorrow, rest Wednesday and do about 5k if possible on Thursday. If all good want to do an hour at the weekend and another 5k before flying off to Palma. At the moment looking good but will have to see how I feel on Thursday. Trying to have a bit of "active recovery" this week but the first twinge and I'll be back to full rest.

Ian did last long run yesterday and has a niggle in his hip but after hearing about Stuart's 2.52 at Loch Ness the sore hip has been forgotton - amazing what a bit of healthy competition can do!!!! (if you are reading this Stuart - well done!)

So I am reasonably confident about making the start line but not so confident about finishing will just have to wait and see!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Last LSR!

The marathon is now exactly a fortnight off. With a bit of relief I finally got my last long run out the way. Drop off at Longniddry Station, along the old railway line to Haddington, then East Linton, Dunbar and home. From Haddington, I broadly followed the route of the Tyne, which err, doesn't flow uphill, so the run was quite flat.....nice. 21 miles at around 8:45 pace so that'll do. No major aches or pains, thankfully.

Lets hope Jane's suspected stress fracture won't prevent her from finishing, I am sure she will be ok, the rest will most definitely help.